UN General AssemblyAs the 116th Congress gets underway, write to your newly elected officials about the value of the United Nations.

As my newly elected official, I am writing to express my support for fully funding our dues to the United Nations in FY’20.

Every year, the United Nations:

  • Provides food aid to 80 million people in 80 countries
  • Vaccinates 45 percent of the world’s children
  • Assists over 68 million refugees and people fleeing war, famine, and persecution
  • Keeps peace with over 110,000 UN Peacekeepers in 14 operations on 4 continents
  • Fights extreme poverty, helping improve the lives of more than 1.1 billion people

While I know tough decisions must be made in this fiscal climate, working with the UN is a resoundingly good bargain for the U.S., accounting for just .2% of the total overall federal budget. Investing in the UN means that the U.S. is better able to achieve our foreign policy and national security objectives and never has to go it alone.

Plus, the proof is in the numbers: 7 out of 10 voters like me agree that the U.S. should pay its dues to the UN and UN Peacekeeping on time and in full.

As one of my elected leaders, I hope you will stand with your constituents in protecting funding for the vitally important work of the UN.