UN Peacekeepers in LiberiaAs Congress works to decide how much money to allocate for different issues, they need to hear from people like you that you support the United Nations.

Will you send them a message today?

As you get to work deciding on foreign affairs funding levels for FY 2020, I wanted to let you know that I support fully funding our obligations to the United Nations and UN Peacekeeping.

I recognize that juggling different budget priorities can be a challenge in this fiscal climate, but the United Nations is one of the best investments we can make to advance our foreign policy interests and protect our global health security.   

Earlier this year, the Administration proposed deep and disproportionate cuts to the UN, and I want to reiterate my opposition to them. As you likely know, the U.S. is already $750 million in arrears to UN Peacekeeping, which significantly limits the organization’s ability to carry out its life-saving work. I hope you will stand up and act to restore full funding for the UN and UN Peacekeeping in FY’20.