Get US Back Ahead of a new Congress and new presidential Administration, let your elected officials know that the U.S. must work to regain its footing as a global leader, starting at the United Nations.

For seven decades, the United States – under Democratic and Republican Administrations alike – has viewed the United Nations as an essential instrument in our foreign policy and national security toolbox. As the architect of the UN, the U.S. has long championed human rights, global health, democracy, good governance, nonproliferation, and global peace. All of which have been a focus of the UN for 75 years.

But in recent years, we have seen a sharp decline in U.S. leadership at the international body, leaving a void that countries like China have shown they are more than willing, and increasingly able, to fill. Most recently, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. made the reckless decision to withdraw from the World Health Organization, undermining the organization that is leading the global response and abandoning many vulnerable countries in their time of need.

Similarly, we have purposely shortchanged many dozens of developing countries who are supplying troops for peacekeeping operations. As it stands, we are over $1 billion in debt to UN peacekeeping, which jeopardizes the effectiveness of these missions.

We also, for no reason, withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement, cut off funding to the UN Population Fund and allowed Venezuela and Saudi Arabia to take our seat on the UN Human Rights Council.

With a new Administration and a new Congress, comes a new opportunity to get off the sidelines and get US back on the global stage where we belong. That starts at the United Nations.