Capitol HillWord is spreading on Capitol Hill that the administration is going to try to rescind funds for the United Nations. Speak up to protect this critical funding before it is too late.

Reports have recently surfaced that the Trump administration is preparing a “rescissions” package which would target international affairs and foreign assistance funding, including for the United Nations and its agencies.

As my elected official, I urge you to weigh in with Secretary Pompeo, the Office of Management and Budget, and others within the administration to oppose the release of such a misguided proposal.

Right now, the UN is advancing key U.S. national security, diplomatic, and humanitarian objectives on a number of fronts—from responding to the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo DR Congo; to promoting stability, protecting civilians, and pushing back against extremists in war-torn countries like Mali, South Sudan, Central African Republic, and Somalia; to delivering lifesaving aid and health interventions to tens of millions of people in a host of other emergency situations around the world.

U.S. financial support remains absolutely critical to the ability of the UN to continue to carry out these activities, which have long enjoyed bipartisan Congressional support in annual appropriations bills. Cancelling these funds would cripple this important work.

Foreign assistance, including funding for the UN, makes up just 1% of the federal budget, but plays an outsize role in maintaining our country’s security and prosperity. Our military leaders are the first to say that hard power alone is not enough to keep our country safe.

As one of my elected officials, I hope I can count on you to maintain funding for the international affairs budget and the United Nations.