un day celebrations Tell your Members of Congress to push back against President Trump’s proposed cuts and to fully fund the UN and UN Peacekeeping in FY2021.

For nearly 75 years, the United Nations has played a vital role on the world’s stage.

During this time, the U.S. has enjoyed a uniquely prominent status within the UN, serving as a veto-wielding permanent member of the UN Security Council, host of UN headquarters in New York City, and its largest financial contributor. This has placed the U.S. in a prime position to shape the UN’s agenda to advance its own national security interests, foreign policy objectives, and values.

That’s why I was alarmed to see that the administration’s budget request for 2021 proposes slashing funding for international affairs programs, including the UN. At a time when our world is facing unprecedented challenges such as climate change, famine and emerging health threats like the Coronavirus, this is simply the wrong decision for the U.S.

I am also concerned about our growing debt to UN Peacekeeping – arrears are almost $1 billion, which further erodes our leadership on the world’s stage.

I know I am not alone in these beliefs. Every year bipartisan polling finds that more than 70 percent of Americans – Republicans and Democrats – agree that we should pay our dues to the UN and UN Peacekeeping on time and in full.

As one of my elected officials, I hope I can count on you to reject these cuts outright and maintain our funding obligations to the UN and UN Peacekeeping in FY 2021.