opioidsAn average of 115 Americans die every day due to opioid overdose. While state, local, and federal resources have been dedicated to fighting this epidemic, we need to support organizations like the United Nations that work to combat and mitigate emergencies like this in close coordination with the U.S.

Will you let your Members of Congress know that you support the UN and its efforts to combat the global opioid crisis? This type of problem can only be solved by working across borders and with the UN.

I am writing to express my strong support of the United Nations and its collaboration with the U.S. and other nations to fight the global opioid epidemic.

In case you are not aware, several UN agencies are keenly focused on tackling this problem on a global scale, including the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the World Health Organization.

This is not a problem we can—nor should—solve alone.

I believe we must leverage international organizations like the UN to address this issue before more lives are lost.

At this time of important need, will you pledge to support the United Nations and its agencies as they work together with the U.S. to fight the global opioid crisis?