U.S. signing the charter The United Nations is marking its 75th anniversary at a time of great upheaval, punctuated by an unrelenting global pandemic. Yet the UN remains the only international body capable of responding to the world’s greatest challenges. Now more than ever, it is clear that the U.S. must remain committed to the organization.

Ask your representative to support Rep. Barbara Lee’s resolution to celebrate this important milestone.

The United Nations was originally created in the aftermath of World War II at the behest of the U.S. and the allied powers, tasked with maintaining international peace and security.

In 2020, as the global community commemorates seventy-five years since its establishment, the UN remains the only organization capable of bringing 193 countries together under one roof to address an array of issues both critical to humanity and to the U.S. Right now, the UN is at the center of efforts to stamp out famine in Yemen; stabilize countries emerging from war; address record global displacement in countries such as Iraq and the Central African Republic; elevate and advance human rights throughout the world; and more.

Part of the UN’s successes over the past seven decades is due to the U.S. having a seat at the table, and COVID-19 is a stark reminder of why we need more U.S. engagement at the UN, not less.

To mark this important occasion, Rep. Barbara Lee has introduced H.Res.1024 and it deserves your support.

To cosponsor the House resolution, please contact Gregory Adams in the office of Rep. Barbara Lee. They can be reached at gregory.adams@mail.house.gov

Thank you for speaking up in support of the United Nations.