Child eating The results are in: Americans overwhelmingly believe that the World Health Organization is the right organization to lead the global response to the coronavirus. Share the findings with your Members of Congress.

I am writing today with some urgent news: when it comes to managing the response to international health crises like coronavirus (COVID-19), three quarters of Americans (77%) trust the World Health Organization (WHO), above all other entities tested.

A bipartisan poll conducted by the Better World Campaign and Morning Consult found that 4 out of 5 Americans (82%) across party lines say it is important that the U.S. work to limit the spread of coronavirus in other countries.

Moreover, two thirds of respondents say global cooperation to address health crises is a top priority (67%), topping the list of global concerns that included terrorism, national security, and the prevention of global conflict.

The bottom line: Americans are certain that no country, especially the U.S., can handle a pandemic alone.

I hope I can count on you to support the UN and WHO the next time a vote comes up.