students hands around globeThe results are in: Young Americans overwhelmingly support the United Nations. Share the latest poll findings with your Members of Congress today.

I am writing to express my strong support for the UN and share some big news: The largest voting bloc in America agrees that the UN supports America’s interests.

More than six in ten respondents believe the UN is supportive of America’s interests around the world. Specifically, Republicans (59%), Democrats (70%), and Independents (53%) all agree that the UN supports U.S. interests abroad. Moreover, 71% believe that the U.S. should remain actively involved in the UN; that statement holds true across parties with majorities of Republicans (63%), Democrats (80%), and Independents (61%) all in agreement.

These generations are not just talking the talk either; they want your help: Respondents indicated they want U.S. support in solving challenges like ending extreme poverty and hunger, and promoting human rights in 2018.

When looking to solve the problems of today and tomorrow, Millennials and Generation Z must be at the table. Their message across party lines is clear: They support the UN and are ready to act in support of global issues. I hope you will keep this top of mind as you make final decisions on this year’s international affairs funding bills.