How does BWC advocate for the UN in the U.S.?

The Better World Campaign is the premier advocacy organization devoted to fostering a strong partnership between the United States and the United Nations – a vision that promotes core American interests and builds a more secure, prosperous, and healthy world. We encourage U.S. leadership to work hand-in-hand with the UN to better tackle the world’s biggest issues by engaging policymakers, the media, and the American public to build support for the UN’s life-saving work.


What is the relationship between BWC and the United Nations Association of the United States (UNA-USA)?

BWC and UNA-USA are independent organizations, yet we work together closely to inform, inspire, and mobilize Americans to support the principles and vital work of the UN.  UNA-USA is a membership organization providing an opportunity to connect with 120 Chapters across the United States and engage elected officials through local communities.


What is the relationship between BWC and the United Nations Foundation (UNF)?

The Better World campaign is the sister organization to the United Nations Foundation. Both organizations were founded by Ted Turner to connect people, ideas, and resources with the invaluable work of the United Nations. However, the two organizations exist as separate entities.


What is BWC’s Thank A Peacekeeper Campaign?

In recognition of the more than 100,000 United Nations peacekeepers working to promote peace and security worldwide, the Better World Campaign initiated the “Thank a Peacekeeper” campaign.  Working together with the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations, we have delivered more than 130,000 messages of gratitude from Americans to UN peacekeepers serving in 17 separate operations globally.

Thank A Peacekeeper

How much of the overall UN dues does the U.S. pay?

Each member nation of the United Nations pays a portion of the UN regular budget in the form of dues. These dues are based on a member‐nation’s capacity to pay for its share of world income. The United States represents approximately twenty‐six percent of the world’s income, and currently pays twenty‐two percent of the UN’s budget. Knowing this, more than two-thirds of Americans support the United States paying our dues to the UN on time and in full.

the importance of funding the UN

U.S. support for funding the UN

How can someone get involved with BWC? 

Whether you write to your Members of Congress, attend an event, or join our sister organization, the United Nations Association of the United States – you can help us build a better world.

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