A meal in #NewYorkCity that costs $1.20, might cost $82.10 in the Central African Republic. @WFP's 'Counting the Beans' index digs into the realities behind global food price disparities:

There's no time to waste when we've got to put an end to plastic waste. Add your name to support the @UN’s efforts to #BeatPlasticPolution. | #FortheWorld

RT @UN: Can the UN Charter be amended? If so, how many times has it happened and when? @UNLibrary has the answer to these questions and mo…

From coast-to-coast and everywhere in between, Americans rally behind the @UN & its work. 👏👏 Check out our map & see how people across the country use their voices to speak up for a strong @USUN partnership.

The U.S. invests in the @UN to achieve its foreign policy goals, but the return on investment goes beyond advancing global peace and security — we also see a tangible economic benefit here at home.