One in three people worldwide lack access to safe drinking water. Over the next few decades, that number is only expected to increase. New @UN_Water report has more details.

RT @CSISAfrica: America spends more money on Halloween candy than UN peacekeeping each year. In the new #IntoAfrica, @chandrimagrdas (@Bett

Amid #COVID19, no one is safe until everyone is safe. That's why @UNICEF is putting its vaccine delivery expertise to work in the largest, fastest and most complex vaccination campaign in history.

RT @e_cousens: “This isn’t just an opportunity. It’s an imperative.” Great to hear @SecBlinken make the case for #VaccinEquity and fully…

Peace doesn’t come easily. But thanks to the presence of @UNPeacekeeping troops, countries have made significant gains toward stability. Not paying our debts in full puts that in peril.