Inequalities are at a historic high, according to new @UNDESA #WorldSocialReport. Out of every 10 people, 7 live in a country with rising income inequalities. But we can change the trend.

RT @Lacroix_UN: Sexual exploitation & abuse by UN personnel undermines trust by millions of people we have pledged to protect &serve. We ne…

Have you ever wondered what dinner or breakfast is like for people who don’t get enough to eat? @WFPUSA shows you what a meal is like for people in 9 of the world's hungriest countries.

RT @UN_Spokesperson: Watch: Secretary-General @antonioguterres briefs General Assembly on his priorities for 2020:

There's no better path to peace and security than 193 nations working together to find solutions to the world's most complex challenges. 6/10 Americans agree. ➙