Liberia’s Ambassador to the US, Lois Brutus, cites recent peaceful transfer of power as a success of @UNPeacekeeping and a sign of great hope for a brighter tomorrow.

The role of the U.S. is key to make sure we can achieve significant progress on @unpeacekeeping missions like South Sudan - @Lacroix_UN #PK70 #USUN

We can do more and we can achieve our goals but we need to be together, says @Lacroix_UN on the future of @UNpeacekeeping. #PK70

.@unpeacekeeping is a tool, not a silver bullet - @Lacroix_UN discussing the successes of Peacekeeping on #CapitolHill. #PK70

Peacekeeping is not a silver bullet. But we can look at recent successes of @UN missions in West Africa as a sign that it works. - @davidcicilline