Disease anywhere means a disease could be everywhere. Our latest #poll found that across political parties, Americans want the U.S. to work limit the spread of #COVID19 abroad. →

Having more #womeninpeacekeeping means: 🔑 increased effectiveness 🔑 new perspectives and solutions 🔑 greater resources 🔑 stronger efforts towards peace processes Ahead of #PKDay, learn more about how women peacekeepers are a key to peace.⤵️

RT @UN: 72 years after @WHO was founded, the world is in the grips of the #coronavirus crisis. Now more than ever, the world needs @WHO,…

Humanitarian needs were already at an all-time high before #COVID19 and are now growing further. Take a look at how humanitarian assistance looked like before the pandemic, and what it looks like now. ➡️

In order to effectively tackle #COVID19, we need to support the work that @WHO is doing worldwide. Make sure your voice is heard loud and clear on Capitol Hill:

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