Afghanistan (UNAMA)


United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) was established in 2002 at the request of the Afghani government following decades of civil war and later, Taliban control. UNAMA is a political mission that works to support the government, assist peace and reconciliation efforts, monitors human rights, protect civilians and more.

As the country continues to work toward stability, the UN is also supporting efforts to build up and professionalize the Afghan National Police, address opium production, support elections and provide humanitarian assistance to Afghans in need.

How the UNAMA Supports U.S. Interests

UNAMA carries out a number of activities critical to the country’s stability and development, a key U.S. priority.

Promotes stability

With insurgent groups—including the Islamic State—attempting to destabilize the country, UNAMA’s work in strengthening the capacity of the Afghan government is vital to maintaining security both within the country and regionally.

Provides electoral support

UNAMA plays a critical role supporting Afghanistan’s electoral process. The mission has helped to bolster the capabilities of the Afghan election commission to ensure elections are as credible and transparent as possible.

Delivers humanitarian support

UNAMA works to coordinate UN humanitarian agencies that helped to provide food to hundreds of thousands of people, facilitate the reintegration of Afghan refugees returning from abroad, and assist in vaccinating millions of children against polio.

Addresses opium production

Increased poppy growing in Afghanistan means increased revenue for the Taliban and extremist groups to wage their insurgency. UNAMA, along with the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, supports the Afghan government’s efforts to curtail opium production, bolster law enforcement, and secure alternative economic opportunities for the Afghan people.


UNAMA is classified as a “special political mission,” which means its funding comes out of the regular UN budget, of which the U.S. pays a total of 22%. This assessment determines the U.S. share for UNAMA. Read more about how the UN is funded.

Total: $82,600,000

U.S. Share: $18,200,000


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