Countdown to Election Day 2020

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Vote Like the World Depends On It is a non-partisan campaign designed to inform voters about the key global issues at stake in the 2020 election and encourage them to educate the candidates running for local, state and national office about what is stake, too.

Whether you are heading to the polls or sending in your ballot, the world matters. So before you mark down your choices, we’re sharing the top 5 global challenges you need to know about. Attending a virtual town hall? Want to know what you should ask the candidates on climate, democracy and global health? We have you covered.

Once you are informed, you need to check your voter registration status, locate your polling place or request your absentee ballot. All of that information is below. So are the tools and resources you need to spread the world on social media and to your friends and family. Don’t miss our custom Zoom backgrounds, too. By the time you stop scrolling to the end of this page, you are going to be ready to vote like the world depends on it. What are you waiting for?