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The U.S. and the UN: Celebrating 70 Years of Partnership

  • This event has passed.
12:00 am - 12:00 am


  • Kathy Calvin, President and CEO, UN Foundation
  • Peter Yeo, President, Better World Campaign
  • Nancy Pelosi

in 1945, 51 nations came together to address the world’s dire peace and human rights challenges. Resolutely determined that succeeding generations be saved from the scourge of war, the United Nations was officially established. In the 70 years since, the UN has proven itself time and again a critical partner in tackling some of the planet’s most pressing challenges. From UNHCR’s work delivering lifesaving humanitarian aid to WHO’s success eradicating smallpox to dozens of peacekeeping operations stabilizing volatile regions, it is clear that a strong UN means a better world.

This event will recognize these accomplishments and focus attention on the critical work still left undone.

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