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Kelly Craft Confirmed as New U.S.-UN Ambassador

Craft will assume role as U.S. support for the UN hits 10-year high Learn more Strong UN. Better World.


We foster a strong partnership between the United States and the United Nations that promotes core American interests and builds a more secure, prosperous, and healthy world.

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The Ebola outbreak in #DRC has been declared the 2nd largest in history. Since August 2018, the @UN has been working with government officials & local partners in DRC & Uganda to treat those infected, protect those at risk, & work to contain the virus: https://t.co/0X8iAJgEi8 https://t.co/h1SGqG6H4f

.@UN HQ is in New York but #DYK there are more than 30 affiliated organizations—known as programs, funds, and specialized agencies—with their own membership, leadership, and budget processes? Meet the @UN family: https://t.co/VayMBKQxnm https://t.co/STt5tIy6UE

After nearly a decade of progress, the number of people who suffer from hunger has slowly increased over the past three years, with about one in every nine people globally suffering from hunger today: https://t.co/Vpwu4sbr1Q https://t.co/vcSayDsQhX

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Together with UNA-USA, we mobilize the United States’ largest group of trained advocates, grassroots champions, and online supporters for the UN.

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The U.S. will continue to work with the UN to achieve meaningful and effective multilateralism.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

The UN plays a vital role in responding to humanitarian crises.

Our national security is strengthened when we are at the table at the UN, and the UN is more effective with American leadership and values on display.

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