Celebrating UN Peacekeeping’s Successes in West Africa


Go behind-the-scenes with UN Peacekeepers in Lebanon

Watch UN troops on the front lines in South Lebanon monitoring borders, reducing tensions and demining landmines. See more Strong UN. Better World.

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The U.S. brings other countries together to work on global issues, like war and famine, that we can't and shouldn't have to solve alone. Remind Congress of the importance of paying our dues to the @UN: https://t.co/pjTbbIV9xm https://t.co/EwnLhgTQNx

The @UN is more relephant than ever. In fact, 83% of Americans think it is better to work through the United Nations than go it alone. Find out more here: https://t.co/KN0OxEcjFR https://t.co/D1Ud7EUoVT

Each year Americans spend about 7x more on Valentine’s Day candy 🍭🍬🍫 than the U.S. does on our dues to the @UN & @UNPeacekeeping. That's a pretty sweet deal for America, and one that doesn't come with a trip to the dentist: https://t.co/RVZoYRrqnI https://t.co/QSK65qOnPE

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