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Better World Campaign President on the Impact of FY’19 Funding Agreement on the United Nations


Washington, DC (Feb. 15, 2019) — Better World Campaign President Peter Yeo issued the following statement on the passage of FY’19 Funding Agreement:

“The spending bill signed into law today shows that Congress once again rejected the massive cuts to foreign affairs priorities including the United Nations that were originally called for in the President’s FY’19 budget. As part of the legislation, which maintained funding for key UN entities, Congress reaffirmed what the American public has consistently stated – the UN is essential to our national security and global health interests.

“The FY’19 International Affairs Budget was funded at $56.1 billion – a slight increase of $193 million (0.3 percent) compared to FY’18. However, of particular concern, there is continued underfunding in the bill for UN Peacekeeping – meaning our arrears will climb to $750 million, further compromising mission effectiveness and resulting in our own allies not being fully compensated for their sacrifices – a concern that the Secretary-General raised to Member States earlier this year.

“Withholding a portion of our dues to the UN is counterproductive to U.S. interests when we’re actively relying on UN peacekeeping missions to prevent the collapse of fragile states, protect civilians in conflict zones, and counter the heinous activities of ISIS and al-Qaeda affiliates.

“Over the coming year, we look forward to working closely with Congress to ensure UN entities and our United Nations dues are fully funded.”

Click here for a detailed breakdown of the UN funding levels.

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