Year after year, the results of a nationwide poll conducted by the bipartisan research team of Public Opinion Strategies and Hart Research Associates conclude that Americans overwhelmingly support a strong U.S.-UN partnership.

The latest poll, conducted in June 2019, found that voters support the UN with the highest favorability rating in 10 years (68 percent favorable, 23 percent unfavorable, 8 percent neutral). Majorities of Republicans (69 percent), Democrats(96 percent), and Independents (84 percent) also say that it is important for the U.S. to maintain an active role in the UN.

Moreover, Americans overwhelmingly agree that the UN is a smart investment of taxpayer dollars. Majorities of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents all support the U.S. paying our dues on time and in full–the highest support in almost a decade (72 percent favor/25 percent oppose).

Even when disputes arise or the U.S. does not achieve all of its objectives at the UN, a majority of voters still believe there is greater value in the U.S. remaining engaged. Specifically, nearly six in ten (59 percent) Americans believe the U.S. should try to find a new diplomatic strategy and new allies to achieve its objectives whereas only two in ten (22 percent) say the U.S. should leave the negotiating table and go it alone.