Hear from UN Peacekeepers

Watch insights from the field and expert commentary from here at home to learn more about the value of UN Peacekeeping.

Story Spotlight: Peacekeeping, Explained


Curious what UN Peacekeeping is all about? Three Americans who worked in the field share how they’re making space for sustained peace and security.

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You're it | Ken Payumo on His Time in South Sudan


UN Peacekeeper and former New York City police officer Ken Payumo talks about his work protecting civilians in one of the most volatile crises on the planet.

"What Right Looks Like" in Jerusalem


Laura Johnson describes her work with UNTSO in Jerusalem: “What if we weren’t there? The intent of peacekeeping is to allow sides to get together for conversation.”

The Future of Peacekeeping


Better World Campaign President Peter Yeo speaks with UN Peacekeepers from the U.S. on the future of peacekeeping.