UN Peacekeeping

Support the 2023 U.S. Commitment to Peacekeeping Act

Congress needs to hear from you. Urge your Representative to meet America’s financial obligations to UN Peacekeeping.

Dear [elected official], 

I’m writing in support of the U.S. Commitment to Peacekeeping Act. This legislation will ensure that the U.S. can pay our full dues to UN Peacekeeping operations.

As you know, for over two decades, Congress has placed an arbitrary cap on our contributions to UN Peacekeeping, preventing us from paying the full amount we owe. By not paying our assessed and agreed upon share, the U.S. now owes more than $1.2 billion in back payments.   

These shortfalls have caused operational and financial hardships for the UN and for the mainly lower-income countries that contribute peacekeeping troops. Our debt also puts the U.S. at risk. In recent years, China has used our failure to pay dues as their favorite talking point, calling the U.S. “the world’s biggest debtor.” We can counter that message and maintain global peace and security by paying what we owe. 

While American dues are currently around 27% of the UN Peacekeeping budget, Congress restricts payments to just 25%. This bill would repeal the cap and improve U.S. financial standing long-term, allowing the U.S. to advocate more effectively for our national security interests.

By lifting the arbitrary cap, the 2023 U.S. Commitment to Peacekeeping Act will allow us to pay our dues, keeping the world – and Americans – safer and more fiscally sound.