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Poll: American Support for UN Remains Strong Amidst Pandemic, Politics


Washington, D.C. (Sept. 18, 2020) – As world leaders prepare for the first-ever virtual UN General Assembly, American voters reaffirmed their confidence in the international body, with 73 percent expressing that it is an organization that is still needed today.

Voters expressed support for the UN because the organization allows for multilateral engagement between countries, fosters international cooperation and global unity, and provides a forum for preventing wars, resolving conflicts, and promoting and keeping the peace.

Ahead of the President’s annual speech before the UN, Americans remained overwhelmingly united in their belief that the U.S. needs to maintain an active role in the UN, with 85 percent of voters saying this is “very important” or “somewhat important.” Moreover, six in ten voters believe the UN supports America’s objectives around the world.

“2020 has not crushed Americans’ spirits on one issue: their support for the United Nations,” said Peter Yeo, President of the Better World Campaign. “Even as Americans grapple with the economic impact of COVID-19, 68 percent of voters say the U.S. should pay our dues to the UN on time and in full.”

Notwithstanding the recent announcements that the U.S. would withdraw from the WHO and withhold funds from the organization, six in ten voters expressed a favorable opinion of WHO. In stark contrast to that decision, two-thirds of voters (67%) stated that the U.S. should not withdraw from WHO.

“Despite the state of affairs today, large majorities of voters continue to stand by WHO as it leads the global response to COVID-19” added Yeo. “This poll confirms that Americans’ faith in the value of the UN and WHO stands true above politics or circumstances.”

The nationwide poll of 800 registered voters (60% cells, 40% land lines) was conducted from September 2‐8, 2020 by the bipartisan research team of Public Opinion Strategies and Hart Research Associates with a margin of error of ± 3.46 percent.

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