Pennsylvania Awarded $80 Million in UN Contracts in 2022, More Than Double 2021 Total 

In 2022, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania received $80 million in contracts from the United Nations, according to exclusive information collected by the Better World Campaign. The contract amount was spread among more than 30 Pennsylvania companies and represents a 126% increase from Pennsylvania’s 2021 total of approximately $35 million. 

The ‘Keystone State’ has clearly figured out the key to partnering with the UN.”

Peter Yeo, President of the Better World Campaign

The U.S. was the largest supplier of goods and services to the UN worldwide, with total procurement exceeding a record $2.36 billion – more than the $2.1 billion the U.S. pays in dues to the UN.

U.S. companies won 88% of all UN contracts valued at $1 million or more. The top three sectors for U.S. company contracts were the Pharmaceutical sector, followed by Management/Administrative services and Engineering/Research. The U.S. also became the largest supplier of Travel, Food, and Lodging services.

More information on UN suppliers can be found at the UN Global Marketplace website.

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