all the human rightsFrom Myanmar to Venezuela, human rights are under threat everywhere we look. Ask your Members of Congress to support the UN’s work to create a fair and just world. 

You might know that today is Human Rights Day and the 70th Anniversary of the Universal of Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). In large part due to the UDHR, the dignity of millions has been uplifted, untold human suffering prevented and the foundations for a just world have been laid.

While there is no denying that human rights around the world are under threat, the very fact that it has stood the test of time is testament to the enduring universality of its perennial values of equality, justice and human dignity.

In recognition of this important occasion, Rep. Alan Lowenthal, Sen. Chris Coons, and Sen. Thom Tillis just introduced resolutions commemorating the 70th anniversary of the UDHR. As your constituent and a strong supporter of the UDHR and the United Nations, I urge you to become an original cosponsor of this resolution.

To cosponsor the House resolution, please contact Ngoc Nguyen in the office Rep. Alan Lowenthal. She can be reached at 202-225-7924 or

To cosponsor the Senate resolution, please contact Anna Yelverton in office of Sen. Chris Coons. She can be reached at 202-224-5042 or

Can I count on you to stand up for human rights?