Share the News: The UN Benefits the U.S. Economy

The research is in: the UN helps to generate over $1.93 billion for U.S. companies. 

We invest in the UN to achieve our foreign policy objectives, and in return, we get a lot of bang for our buck. Tell Congress. 

I am writing to tell you some important news about the United Nations.  

According to new research, U.S. businesses across 47 states gained over $1.93 billion in procurement contracts with the UN in 2020 (the last year for which data is available). This is an 11 percent percent increase from 2019. Since 2010, the total value of contracts has been a whopping $10 plus billion. 

The businesses provide a range of goods and services, including telecommunications, financial services, construction, food production, and production of armored vehicles.

These contracts allow U.S. companies to maintain their bottom lines, create jobs, generate revenue, and contribute to growing the economy. Not only does the United Nations help the U.S. achieve its foreign policy goals—the UN is also a good business partner.  

As one of my elected officials, I wanted to alert you to one of the many ways that the U.S. benefits from its partnership with the UN, and I hope you will support continued U.S. engagement with the United Nations.