Tell Congress to Invest in the UN in FY’24

President Biden’s budget proposal is a great step for the world: making a considerable down payment on our peacekeeping debts, meeting our financial obligations to the UN, and investing in multilateral institutions. 

Congress ultimately holds the purse strings on how the U.S. spends its money, and they need to hear from you. Now is your chance to ask Congress to do its part and ensure that we are meeting our financial commitments to the UN in FY’24. 

Dear [elected official],

For over 75 years, the UN has been a critical forum to which the U.S. has repeatedly turned to advance its interests, promote its values, and help share the load around complex global challenges.

As you know, the Biden administration recently released its budget request for FY’24, which includes a number of positive proposals that I care about, including providing a payment to begin paying back arrears to UN peacekeeping operations that the U.S. has accrued since FY’17. Continuing to shortchange our allies puts the UN and our national security in peril.

The budget also makes important investments in multilateral institutions, like the Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria, the ACT-Accelerator partnership that delivers vaccines globally and the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Therefore, I hope that you will build on President Biden’s request and support an FY’24 appropriations bill that properly invests in multilateral diplomacy, including fully funding the UN and paying back our arrears.

At a time when our world is facing unprecedented challenges, we can’t do this alone. I hope that I can count on you in FY’24.