Tell Congress to Fully Fund the UN

Congress holds the purse strings on how the U.S. spends its money, and they need to hear from you. Ask Congress to ensure that America meets our financial commitments to the UN in FY25.

Dear [Elected Official],

Since the U.S. helped establish the United Nations more than 75 years ago, the UN has been an essential forum for the U.S. to advance our interests, promote our values and help share the load around complex global challenges.

As you know, the House State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs Subcommittee (SFOPS) just released its Fiscal Year 2025 spending bill, eliminating funding for the UN Regular Budget and slashing scores of successful international programs. If passed, the SFOPS bill would cut funding for the Contributions to International Organizations (CIO) account by over 80%.

I’m especially concerned about the dozens of programs that foster global peace and security, support global health and ensure the U.S. stays engaged in some of the most important debates of our generation. Moreover, the House bill would increase our arrears owed to the UN Peacekeeping Budget, which now exceed $1 billion. These debts shortchange our allies and put our national security at risk.

By not paying our UN dues, the U.S. would lose its voting rights in the General Assembly. I’m among the majority of Americans who believe that would be detrimental to our nation’s position worldwide and have calamitous consequences for our allies. I’m reaching out to urge you to restore sound policy to the appropriations process by restoring full funding for the UN Regular Budget.

At a time when our world is facing unprecedented challenges, we can’t go it alone. I believe you understand the need for U.S. leadership on the world’s biggest stage, and hope Americans can count on you to pass a budget that meets our obligations to the UN.