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International assistance should not be tied to UN votes:

-- Jordie Hannum

Wielding Aid as a Cudgel May Backfire, When Most Already Vote with US

The U.S. and the UN can be allies in the global opioid fight.

-- Jordie Hannum

The US and the UN Can Be Allies in the Global Opioid Fight

Do we only give foreign aid to friends? And how do we define friends?

-- Peter Yeo

Foreign Aid Cuts Expected, Except for ‘Friends’

By supporting UN Peacekeeping efforts, the U.S. saves money and doesn’t have to put its own boots on the ground – it’s...

-- Peter Yeo

Report Highlights Value of UN Peacekeeping Contributions Trump Admin Wants to Cut

The Trump administration has made burden-sharing an essential part of its foreign policy strategy. U.N. peacekeeping operations provide a prime example of...

-- Peter Yeo

The UN Is Reformed and Ready

Ambassador Haley has formed a real partnership for reform with the Secretary General.

-- Peter Yeo

U.N. Budget Cuts Highlight New U.S. Approach

U.S. withdrawal from a leadership role in the United Nations “weakens our standing in the global community.

-- Chandrima Das

Cicilline ’83 Discusses Role of US in UN

Civilian deaths and the likelihood of conflict reoccurring drop dramatically when U.N. troops are deployed.

-- Jordie Hannum

What Does UN Peacekeeping Cost America?

By working through the U.N., we can ensure that other nations share the responsibilities of global security and humanitarian relief.

-- Peter Yeo

United Nations Is an Invaluable ‘Club’ and Trump Should Say So

At the end of the day, the U.N. has demonstrated its value in a country of clear U.S. strategic importance.

-- Jordie Hannum

The UN Stepped Up in Mosul; the U.S. Must Step up for the UN

There is decades of research that shows that peacekeeping, when sufficiently resourced and equipped, can make a huge difference in terms of...

-- Jordie Hannum

UN Peacekeeping Budget Cut By $600 Million

This is hardly the time to be cutting humanitarian assistance, when we’re dealing with four emerging famines and the Syrian refu­gee crisis.

-- Peter Yeo

Foreign Aid Under the Ax in State Department Budget Proposal