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Do we only give foreign aid to friends? And how do we define friends?

-- Peter Yeo

Foreign Aid Cuts Expected, Except for ‘Friends’

By supporting UN Peacekeeping efforts, the U.S. saves money and doesn’t have to put its own boots on the ground – it’s...

-- Peter Yeo

Report Highlights Value of UN Peacekeeping Contributions Trump Admin Wants to Cut

The Trump administration has made burden-sharing an essential part of its foreign policy strategy. U.N. peacekeeping operations provide a prime example of...

-- Peter Yeo

The UN Is Reformed and Ready

Ambassador Haley has formed a real partnership for reform with the Secretary General.

-- Peter Yeo

U.N. Budget Cuts Highlight New U.S. Approach

U.S. withdrawal from a leadership role in the United Nations “weakens our standing in the global community.

-- Chandrima Das

Cicilline ’83 Discusses Role of US in UN

Civilian deaths and the likelihood of conflict reoccurring drop dramatically when U.N. troops are deployed.

-- Jordie Hannum

What Does UN Peacekeeping Cost America?

By working through the U.N., we can ensure that other nations share the responsibilities of global security and humanitarian relief.

-- Peter Yeo

United Nations Is an Invaluable ‘Club’ and Trump Should Say So

At the end of the day, the U.N. has demonstrated its value in a country of clear U.S. strategic importance.

-- Jordie Hannum

The UN Stepped Up in Mosul; the U.S. Must Step up for the UN

There is decades of research that shows that peacekeeping, when sufficiently resourced and equipped, can make a huge difference in terms of...

-- Jordie Hannum

UN Peacekeeping Budget Cut By $600 Million

This is hardly the time to be cutting humanitarian assistance, when we’re dealing with four emerging famines and the Syrian refu­gee crisis.

-- Peter Yeo

Foreign Aid Under the Ax in State Department Budget Proposal

We've got to have the U.N. working in partnership with United States and the U.S. military to advance our objectives.

-- Peter Yeo

Cutting Funding For UN Agencies Could Actually Hurt The US

Slashing voluntary funding to the UN would devastate the agencies that serve the world’s most vulnerable populations.

-- Peter Yeo

Hurting the United Nations Hurts the United States