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Liz Métraux

Director, Engagement Strategy

Liz Metraux

With more than two decades of experience around the globe helping individuals and organizations disseminate their ideas, Liz Métraux is a tireless advocate for the use of story as a tool for radical change. A writer and medical anthropologist with roots in political organizing (most notably in the Middle East and former Soviet Union during the Iraq War and Arab Spring), she transitioned to healthcare after observing the powerful interplay among health, public policy, and community development. Moving from the frontlines of war to the frontlines of healthcare, she has led communications at the National Institutes of Health, spearheaded communications for the World Health Organization’s infectious disease projects in the Central Asian Republics, and founded her own national thought leadership agency for women in healthcare.

Liz’s insights have appeared in The New England Journal of Medicine, Modern Healthcare, STAT, the Boston Globe, and on stages as varied as the Aspen Ideas Festival, Harvard School of Medicine, and NPR’s acclaimed Moth Radio Hour.