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The peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), which has helped maintain security for more than two decades amid rising rebel violence, is in the process of ending its presence in the central African nation.

The closure of the mission comes at the request of the Congolese government, which was re-elected in a disputed vote in December 2023. Fourteen UN bases are expected to be taken over by DRC security forces, followed by a phased departure of UN forces from North Kivu and Ituri. The government has also directed an African regional force deployed last year to leave the country.

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  • Rule of Law

    MONUSCO trained police, corrections officers, and members of the judiciary to strengthen the rule of law and counter impunity. The mission supported mobile courts to increase access to justice in remote areas, and provided technical support to the military and civilian justice systems.

  • Humanitarian Assistance

    Millions of people throughout the DRC — particularly in the country’s eastern provinces — face acute humanitarian challenges. More than 1.5 million Congolese are internally displaced, 3.6 million are estimated to be food insecure, and 7.5 million are currently in need of humanitarian assistance. MONUSCO worked with the government, humanitarian actors, and the DRC police force to facilitate humanitarian assistance to displaced populations.

  • Civilian Protection

    MONUSCO’s Force Intervention Brigade supported targeted offensive operations against armed groups in eastern Congo in order to protect civilians and promote stability in the region. MONUSCO also established community alert networks and local protection committees in conflict-affected areas. The networks and committees help protect civilians from risk through cooperation with local security services, local authorities, and civil society.

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