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Although it is the world’s youngest country, South Sudan has been plagued by ongoing violence from the start. In July 2011, the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) was established to support the new government, protect civilians, monitor and investigate human rights violations, support humanitarian assistance, and promote the implementation of the peace agreement.

How UNMISS Supports U.S. Interests

UNMISS works to provide stability to ensure the peace process can move forward. This is critical to address the needs of the humanitarian crises due to flooding, food crises and insecurity. Due to bipartisan support for South Sudan, the U.S. has invested billions in the country and supports the lifesaving work of the mission to support the people of South Sudan. 


  • Promotes Dialogue

    The mission has played an important role in promoting political stability in South Sudan, calling for a united government and assisting in peace negotiations. UNMISS has also worked at the local level to further inter-communal dialogue.

  • Delivers Humanitarian Support

    Peacekeepers have facilitated the distribution of food, water, and shelter across the country. UNMISS also helped in the organization of consultations and training courses on gender-based and sexual violence, and began HIV/AIDS capacity building, offering workshops and counseling to increase awareness.

  • Reintegrates Child Soldiers

    Thousands of children have fought for various parties to the recent conflict in South Sudan. Despite the challenges, UNMISS, with support from UNICEF and humanitarian organizations, has succeeded in removing some children from armed groups and reintegrating them into their communities. The UNMISS Child Protection Unit and UNICEF have also helped spearhead the collection and dissemination of information on grave violations of children’s rights.

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