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United Nations Foundation and Better World Campaign on the Confirmation of Kelly Craft as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations


Washington, D.C. (July 31, 2019) – The United Nations Foundation and Better World Campaign congratulate Kelly Knight Craft on her confirmation to be the thirtieth U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.

“As Ambassador to Canada, she brought a fresh perspective to the U.S.-Canada relationship which will also serve her well in New York at the helm of the U.S. Mission to the UN,” said Kathy Calvin, President & CEO of the UN Foundation.

“Ambassador Craft will start her new role amid a new wave of enthusiasm for the UN among American voters across all political parties. A new bipartisan poll shows that support for the organization and full funding for its critical work is at a ten-year high among the American public,” added Calvin.

“Representing American interests in New York, Ambassador Craft will play a vital role in implementing U.S. foreign policy and can build on the legacy of a strong U.S.-UN partnership set by her predecessors,” said Peter Yeo, President of the Better World Campaign.

Both the UN Foundation and the Better World Campaign look forward to working closely with Ambassador Craft as she begins her new role at the U.S. Mission to the UN in New York.

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