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Majority of Americans Believe in the United Nations


Washington, D.C. (Oct. 23, 2006) – The Better World Campaign—an initiative of the Better World Fund—today released the results of a new national poll on how Americans view the United Nations.

“It is clear that Americans recognize the value of the United Nations, believe in its mandate to promote a more peaceful and cooperative global society and value the UN as vehicle for sharing the risks and costs of global security,” said Timothy E. Wirth, President of the United Nations Foundation and the Better World Fund. “This confirms that a majority of Americans have a favorable image of the UN and that they strongly believe the United States should continue to belong to the UN.”

“Americans understand that working with and through the UN allows for the promotion of our core values—like promoting democracy, universal education, and using law rather than violence to settle national disputes,” said Deborah Derrick, Executive Director of the Better World Campaign. “They also understand that the UN supports America’s goals and objectives in fighting the global war on terrorism.”

Public Opinion Strategies, a Washington DC-based polling firm, conducted a national survey of 800 registered voters September 22-26 2006 for the Better World Campaign. The margin of error is +/- 3.46%.

Key findings include:

  • 78% of Americans believe “it is in America’s best interest to continue to actively support the United Nations.” (% Agree: 61% GOP/78% IND/91% DEM)
  • 76% of Americans believe “recent events prove we need to make the United Nations stronger so it can do more to address problems like terrorism and weapons of mass destruction.” (% Agree: 69% GOP/71% IND/85% DEM)
  • 74% of Americans believe “the U.S. needs the UN now more than ever because we cannot bear all the burden and cannot afford to pay to go it alone around the world.” (% Agree: 59% GOP/75% IND/86% DEM)
  • 74% of Americans agree with the following statement: “ The U.S. right now has the power to influence what happens at the UN and make sure America’s interests are protected through its position on the UN Security Council. It would be a mistake for the U.S. to withdraw from the UN.” (% Agree: 61% GOP/71% IND/87% DEM)
  • 73% of Americans agree with the following statement: “ The United Nations was created after World War Two to help put an end to global warfare. It is frustrating, but it works. There have been no world wars since then and the United Nations has played a critical role because it provides each nation a forum to air grievances and to work out problems to help stop major conflicts. That is a role no other organization plays and it is a role that is more important than ever today.” (% Agree: 56% GOP/73% IND/87% DEM)

About the Better World Campaign

The Better World Campaign works to foster a strong relationship between the U.S. and the UN to promote core American interests and build a more secure, prosperous, and healthy world. The Better World Campaign engages policymakers, the media, and the American public alike to increase awareness of the critical role played by the UN in world affairs and the importance of constructive U.S.-UN relations.

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