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BWC President on Appointment of Amb. Sison as the Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs


Washington, D.C. (April 15, 2021) – President of the Better World Campaign Peter Yeo released the following statement on the selection of Ambassador Michele Sison to be Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs:

 “The appointment of Ambassador Michele Sison to be the Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs is a stellar choice, and advances the Administration’s goal of returning the U.S. to a leadership position on the global stage.

 “As a five-time Ambassador, Amb. Sison’s understanding of multilateral diplomacy is deep and her experience broad.  She has served in some of the world’s most challenging locales – from Haiti to Iraq to Pakistan to Cameroon – and understands intuitively that solving complex matters in places such as these requires engagement with other countries and multilateral bodies like the United Nations.  

 “During her four years as the Deputy Representative to the United Nations and throughout her career, she has seen firsthand the UN’s work on peace and security, humanitarian aid and human rights, and development.  

 “Amb. Sison has served both Republican and Democratic administrations, and has long advocated for efficiency and accountability in the multilateral system. Her ability to work collaboratively and effectively will position her as an ideal leader in these efforts.

 “We offer our sincere congratulations to Ambassador Sison, and look forward to working with her upon her confirmation.” 

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