Florida Boasts Nearly $40 Million in Contracts with the UN in 2022 

In 2022, the state of Florida received more than $38.8 million in contracts from the United Nations through at least 60 Florida businesses. This puts Florida among the top ten recipients of UN contracts across the U.S., according to exclusive data compiled by the Better World Campaign.  

This is nearly 70% higher than the contracts awarded in 2021, when Florida received a total of $23 million in contracts from the UN. The U.S. was the largest supplier of goods and services to the UN worldwide, with total procurement exceeding a record $2.36 billion – more than the $2.1 billion the U.S. pays in dues to the UN.  

Florida’s 25th and 26th districts are among the greatest beneficiaries of UN contracts in the state. In addition to procurement contracts with the UN, these districts have worked closely with other UN agencies. Since 1979, the region has partnered with UNESCO to protect and promote the Everglades National Park through the World Heritage Program. The University of South Florida also works closely with the World Health Organization (WHO) as an essential Collaborating Site to expand health literacy for Florida residents.  

More information on UN suppliers can be found at the UN Global Marketplace website.

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