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"This vote in particular shows the value of the U.N. as a global convening body…"

-- Peter Yeo

U.S., Europe whip U.N. votes for historic Russia rebuke

I think ‘gumbo diplomacy’ works wherever she can get her kitchen together and invite diplomats over to make gumbo.

-- Peter Yeo

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the New UN Envoy, Heads Into Her Job Sprinting

Putting Samantha Power at the table, making sure that she has a voice, can really transform the way that USAID implements the...

-- Peter Yeo

Samantha Power, Biden’s Pick for USAID a ‘Respected Voice’ on Humanitarian Issues

We are going to have more leverage if we have met our financial commitments and if we are not behind on them.

-- Peter Yeo

With the U.S. Still Owing Nearly $2B, UN Looks at How to Fund 2021

More important from the WHO’s point of view is whether the US, as a member, would restart its full funding.

-- Jordie Hannum

Hey, Biden-Harris Team, What About the UN?