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We are going to have more leverage if we have met our financial commitments and if we are not behind on them.

-- Peter Yeo

With the U.S. Still Owing Nearly $2B, UN Looks at How to Fund 2021

I think another day one action is Paris Climate Accord. We will have missed the deadline, unfortunately, to withdraw...But the U.S. could...

-- Peter Yeo

How Joe Biden Could Restore US Leadership at the United Nations in His First 100 Days

More important from the WHO’s point of view is whether the US, as a member, would restart its full funding.

-- Jordie Hannum

Hey, Biden-Harris Team, What About the UN?

But while ISIS aims to push Iraq back into widespread conflict, there is still time for the government in Baghdad, the international...

-- Jordie Hannum

As ISIS Regroups, No Time to Cut U.S., U.N. Assistance to Iraq

To cut money from the World Health Organization just as the WHO is on the front lines of the conoravirus rattles the...

-- Peter Yeo

Trump Administration Again Proposes Slashing Foreign Aid

This is precisely the wrong time to be cutting funds to the World Health Organization.

-- Peter Yeo

Trump Seeks to Halve U.S. Funding for World Health Organization as Coronavirus Rages

That’s why planting the seeds of stability and opportunity now is so important. If the work is successful, most outside observers will...

-- Jordie Hannum

2020 Could be Niger’s Year of Reckoning

Should the administration withdraw, as it originally planned, or stay within the UPU and work toward a solution?

-- Peter Yeo

Business, Ballots and Battling Opioids: Why the Universal Postal Union Benefits the US

Thanks to a newly opened border crossing with Jordan, migrants are heading back to their country. But their ordeal is far from...

-- Micah Spangler

Syria’s Refugees Begin Their Journey Home

This is basically a slash and burn approach as it relates to the U.N. regular budget and U.N. peacekeeping.

-- Peter Yeo

Despite Pompeo’s Call for ‘Swagger,’ Trump Slashes Diplomatic Budget

U.N. workers face unbelievable risks to help people all over the world.

-- Peter Yeo

United Nations Mourns 21 Employees Killed in Ethiopian Airlines Plane Crash