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U.N. workers face unbelievable risks to help people all over the world.

-- Peter Yeo

United Nations Mourns 21 Employees Killed in Ethiopian Airlines Plane Crash

A lot of State Department employees feel that there is not a lot of direction right now.

-- Peter Yeo

Ahead Of Boise Visit, Peter Yeo Discusses Government Shutdown And United Nations

In its simplest form, the UN was established to be a common venue for nations to try and work out their problems...

-- Peter Yeo

Yes, The United Nations Is Still Necessary

She has been a communicator more than a policy person, so she’ll be quickly put to the test with the on-the-spot negotiations...

-- Peter Yeo

Trump Picks Nauert to be New UN Ambassador

She has not done the day-in, day-out policy negotiations; that hasn’t been in her wheelhouse.

-- Peter Yeo

Heather Nauert’s Nomination to U.N. Post Reflects Trump’s Value of Loyalty Over Experience

There’s a real danger that a withdrawal from the UPU would set off postal wars.

-- Peter Yeo

Companies Split on U.S. Exit From Postal Pact Benefiting China

It’s a war, despite all the setbacks, dangers, and challenges, that the UN is winning.

-- Chandrima Das

The United Nations is Winning the War in Mali

It's impossible to get anything done in the U.N. if you don't have American support, not only financially, but also diplomatically.

-- Peter Yeo

UNGA Begins As Trump Has Worked To Limit U.S. Support For International Agencies

[The UN] is also the first place the world turns to when peace is under threat.

-- Peter Yeo

President Trump at the UN General Assembly — Making the UN Great Again?

The ‘we pay the bills’ rhetoric doesn’t help.

-- Peter Yeo

Where Does US Relationship with UN Stand?

This new data confirms that the U.N. is not only in America’s foreign policy and national security interests, American corporations also benefit...

-- Peter Yeo

Haley Fights to Get US Companies a Bigger Piece of the Action on Lucrative UN Contracts