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This new data confirms that the U.N. is not only in America’s foreign policy and national security interests, American corporations also benefit...

-- Peter Yeo

Haley Fights to Get US Companies a Bigger Piece of the Action on Lucrative UN Contracts

If we cut funds for U.N. Peacekeeping missions around the world, our country will be less safe.

-- Jordie Hannum

Trump Administration Mulls $4.3B in Foreign Aid Cuts

When the world comes together to talk and to fight for human rights, the U.S. should be at the table.

-- Peter Yeo

US Exit from UN Human Rights Council Widens Gaps for Human Rights NGOs, Experts Warn

U.S. leadership matters. We’re still the only ones with credibility on human rights on the world stage.

-- Peter Yeo

U.S. Withdraws from U.N. Human Rights Council Over Perceived Bias Against Israel

The response to not getting reform shouldn’t be to pull out. It should be to redouble American leadership.

-- Peter Yeo

The US Just Quit The United Nations Human Rights Council

The U.S. government must help lead the international response and ensure that first responders have the resources they need to act quickly...

-- Peter Yeo

US and Global Community Has to Keep the Ebola Outbreak from Spreading — Don’t Cut Funds

The stark numbers contained in the report don’t reflect the fact that countries agree with the United States the vast majority of...

-- Peter Yeo

Nikki Haley’s Loyalty Test Backfires

If a significant percentage of this new plan goes unfunded, the crisis threatens to spiral out of control.

-- Micah Spangler

The UN Security Council is Visiting Rohingya Refugee Camps This Month – These Are the 3 Issues They Should Focus On

The progress that has been made so far is unbelievable.

-- Peter Yeo

UN Peacekeeping Mission Ends in Liberia

The closing of the peacekeeping mission in Liberia is a milestone moment.

-- Peter Yeo

UNMIL Provides Lessons on What Makes a Successful Peacekeeping Mission

International assistance should not be tied to UN votes:

-- Jordie Hannum

Wielding Aid as a Cudgel May Backfire, When Most Already Vote with US

The U.S. and the UN can be allies in the global opioid fight.

-- Jordie Hannum

The US and the UN Can Be Allies in the Global Opioid Fight