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Bipartisan Senate Appropriations Bill Supports U.S. Global Leadership, Fully Funds UN Regular Budget

Senate SFOPS bill mark-up


Washington, DC (July 21, 2023) – On Thursday, July 20, the Senate Committee on Appropriations approved the FY24 State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act. The bill fully funds the UN regular budget, ensuring American security and competitiveness in the year ahead.

The Senate restored funding absent in the House version of the bill, allocating $1.66 billion to the account, which funds the UN regular budget and the assessed budget of UN agencies, as well as $468 million in voluntary funding for the core budgets of many UN agencies and programs. The bill also provides funding for World Health Organization assessed contributions. 

“With Russia’s war in Ukraine raging and competition with China increasing, the Committee understood the gravity of the moment,” said Peter Yeo, President of the Better World Campaign. “Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) delivered a bipartisan bill that solidifies the global leadership the U.S. has built over the course of more than seven decades,” Yeo added.

Among the provisions, the bill provides $10.268 billion for USAID global health programs, including:

  • $900 million for global health security
  • $548.95 million for family planning and reproductive health
  • $300 million for Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance
  • $85 million for Polio eradication

“At a time when America is facing the greatest threats since the Cold War, this bill supports diplomacy and development, allowing us to take on global challenges like climate change, food insecurity, pandemic preparedness, and the crises caused by Russia’s war in Ukraine. When we invest in the UN and its agencies, we advance U.S. interests and can better address urgent global crises,” said Yeo.   

The bill also provides increased funding to recruit and place Americans in UN jobs, and for training and outreach programs to familiarize students with the UN, complementing initiatives like UNA-USA’s internship program. 

While the Senate bill provides funding for UN Peacekeeping Operations at levels comparable to previous years, a Congressionally imposed cap of 25% prevents the U.S. from paying at the 26.94% assessed rate. This gap in funding has contributed to more than $1 billion in arrears the U.S. currently owes to the peacekeeping budget.             

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