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Crocker Confirmation Brings Asset to State Department at Critical Moment in U.S.-UN Relations, Says Yeo


Washington, D.C. (Sept. 25, 2014) – The Senate confirmation of Bathsheba (Sheba) Crocker to lead the State Department’s Bureau of International Organization Affairs (IO) brings a strong leader to guide U.S. multilateral engagement, just in time for the UN General Assembly to convene and address unprecedented global challenges, lauded the Better World Campaign. In a statement, executive director Peter Yeo said:

“Assistant Secretary Crocker is well positioned to advance our nation’s diplomatic relations through the UN, its specialized agencies and other international organizations and to promote U.S. national interests. Her confirmation comes not a moment too soon. As the United States is right now undertaking one of the most critical sessions of the UN General Assembly in our lifetime—confronting global terrorism, disease, climate change, and a sustainable development agenda to carry us beyond 2015—we need leaders like Crocker who understand the UN system and recognize its value proposition to Americans.

“Crocker has seen the UN’s potential to strengthen American foreign policy from every vantage point —from the private sector in her work with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to her leadership inside Turtle Bay on peace building issues. Her experience on civilian security issues and post conflict reconstruction has also been an asset to the State Department in her previous roles.

“It is essential to have strong leaders like Crocker at the helm of IO, which—working hand-in-hand with Ambassador Power in New York—stands at the epicenter of protecting U.S. foreign policy interests on the world’s stage and furthering the UN’s vital work on behalf of peace, security, global health, and human rights. Further, IO is uniquely positioned to lead in key UN bodies like the World Food Program, UN Development Program, and the UN Children’s Fund—all of which contribute to a healthier, more stable world for us all.

“The Better World Campaign congratulates Sheba Crocker on her confirmation.”

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